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Discover the excitement in our selection of Books for EYFS. From thrilling tales to educational content, our eBooks provide a rich and diverse reading experience for young pupils.

Our Top 30 recommended reading books for EYFS pupils (Ages 3-5)

1. Chicken Big – Keith Graves
2. The Day The Crayons Quit – Drew Daywalt
3. Little Pea – Amy Krouse Rosenthal
4. Magic Animal Friends – Ellie Featherbill All Alone – Daisy Meadows
5.Construction Site: Road Crew, Coming Through! – Sherri Duskey Rinker
6. Crazy Colours – Dr Seuss
7. . Pretty Minnie in Paris – Danielle Steel
8.Eva’s Big Sleepover – Rebecca Elliott
9. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? – Dr Seuss
10. We’re All Wonders – R. J. Palacio

Chicken Big and The Day
Last stop on market street

11. Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet and Alan Ahlberg
12. . Last Stop on Market Street – Matt De La Pena
13.Classic Myths to Read Aloud – William F. Russell
14. I’ve Loved You Since Forever – Hoda Kotb
15. Fenway and Hattie in the Wild – Victoria J. Coe
16. 17 Things I’m Not Allowed To Do – Jenny Offill
17. The Juggling Pug – Sean Bryan
18. . Go, Dog. Go! – P. D. Eastman
19. The Monster That Ate My Socks – A. J. Cosmo
20. Swarm of Bees – Lemony Snicket

21. Barry the Fish with Fingers – Sue Hendra
22. The Shy Little Kitten – Kristen L. Depken
23. Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate – Kes Gray
24. The Bad Seed – Jory John
25. . Oui Oui Gigi – Jeff Minich
26. Rocket Town – Bob Logan
27.Grandpa Book – Todd Parr
28. The Poky Little Puppy – Janette Sebrig Lowrey
29. What If Everybody Did That? – Ellen Javernick
30. Gorilla – Anthony Browne

Barry - The Fish With Fingers

Action/Adventure Book Activities

While you were napping

While You Were Napping

by Jenny Offill : Discover this delightful addition to your book collection, where imagination takes flight while dreams unfold.

The kings stilts

The King’s Stilts

by Dr Seuss: Step into this whimsical world: an enchanting tale perfect for young minds, where fun and imagination reign supreme.

Animal Story Book Resources

Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

by Bill Martin Jr : Embark on this timeless classic that sparks curiosity and joy in the hearts of young readers.

Dinosaur Bone

The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone

by Stan & Jan Berenstain : Join the Berenstain Bears on a thrilling adventure in this book, where mystery and fun await.

Comedy Book Activities

Alligator Pie

Alligator Pie

by Dennis Lee : Delight young readers with the whimsical rhymes to add to your collection of books, where imagination and silliness collide in a deliciously fun adventure.

Garbage Delight

Garbage Delight

by Dennis Lee :Turn trash into treasure with an exciting journey perfect for young minds, where creativity and imagination bloom on every page.

Emotions-Themed Book Resources


The Lorax

by Dr Seuss : Step into the vibrant world of this delightful tale perfect for little learners, where environmental lessons combine with charm and imagination.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

by Cheri J Meiners : Spark kindness and curiosity with an uplifting story tailored for budding minds, where every page inspires little ones to make their mark on the world.

Life/Identity Story Book Activities

Steps and Stones

Steps and Stones

by Gail Silver : Embark on a journey of discovery with this wonderful tale crafted for young adventurers, where each page is a stepping stone to learning.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

by Dr Seuss:: Serve up a plate of fun and adventure with a marvellous feast for young minds, where every page flips to a delicious new adventure

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