Alan MacDonald - Dirty Bertie - Bogeys!

Join Bertie in three brand new stories, Bogeys!, Magic! and Potty!, as he’s bribed by his mum to stop picking his nose, gets more than he bargained for with a magic trick and drives a museum potty on a school outing!

Prepare for giggles and pranks with a hilarious read guaranteed to captivate young minds in Key Stage 1.

Genre: funny, adventure, school

Themes: pranks, school trip, magic, museums, jokes

Age: 6-7 years old

Alan MacDonald - Dirty Bertie - Bogeys!​ book cover


  • Read the story ‘Potty’ as a class or at home. What interests your pupils when they go to a museum? Ask them to design their own museum or museum exhibit. What will they include? How will they show their information? Is it interactive?
  • Clearly Bertie didn’t think this was a good school trip! Ask pupils in groups to think of their perfect school trip. They must then present their plan to you and the class. Where will you go? Why? What makes it a good trip? How will they get there? When will they go? What will they have for lunch?
  • The pupils in this story have to complete a quiz around the house. Can pupils come up with a class quiz to do around the school? In groups pupils must think of at least two questions, all the questions are then put together into one quiz and pupils must go round the school completing the quiz they’ve made.
  • ICT required. Using the links on the National History Museum website, pupils can take virtual tours of different exhibits from the comfort of the classroom! 
  • Ask pupils to consider safety rules and manners they must remember when visiting somewhere like a museum? What are the rules? Why are they there? How might it make people feel if these rules are broken? If a rule is broken, what should they do?

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