Adam Blade - Cephalox the Cyber Squid

A brand-new underwater adventure from Adam Blade, author of the Beast Quest series! Max’s home, the floating city of Aquora, is attacked by Cephelox the Cyber Squid and his father is carried away by the Robobeast. Max and his robodog, Rivet, set off on a rescue mission.

Dive into the electrifying depths of an underwater adventure perfect for imaginative readers navigating Key Stage 1 reading books.

Genre: adventure, scifi, quest

Themes: adventure, courage, gadgets, sea monsters, robots, magic

Age: 7+ years old

Adam Blade - Cephalox the Cyber Squid book cover


  • Max’s Robodog, Rivet, is a brilliant pet! Ask pupils to design their very own robot-pet, which type of animal will they choose? What special gadgets does the pet have? How are these gadgets helpful on a rescue mission? How will they power their robot-pet? (CC links: STEM)
  • Rescue missions require lots of planning! In groups or pairs, ask pupils to plan what they would take on a rescue mission. What items will they take? How will these items help them on their mission? How will they carry it all?
  • The ocean has many different eco-systems. Choose an aquatic environment such as the indian ocean or pacific ocean, and ask pupils what they would expect to see as they travel. Pupils can research or think about, what animals will they see? What type of plants or terrain will they see? What will the temperature or conditions be like? (CC links: Geography, Biology)
  • Storyboard activity. In the first column ask pupils to recall the main parts of the story into 5 main parts. Then as a class use the second column to think of a class adaptation of the story – what will they change and why? The third column can be used for a pair or individual adaptation of the story. How can they use their imagination to create their own similar story? (Use ‘Storyboard activity’ resource)
  • Create a gingerbread character for one of the characters. On the inside describe their feelings, thoughts and emotions and on the outside describe their actions, behaviours and what they say. (CC links: English, PSHE) (Use ‘Gingerbread character’ resource)

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