Jewel Kats - Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair

In a Kingdom far, far away lives Cinderella. As expected, she slaves away for her cranky sisters and step-mother. She would dearly love to attend the Royal costume ball and meet the Prince, but her family is totally dead set against it.

Experience the enchantment of the heartwarming twist on a classic tale, in this empowering Key Stage 1 story book.

Genre: fairytale, family, hopes

Themes: fairytales, differences, moral, friendship, romance, identity, bullying

Age: 5-7 years old

Jewel Kats - Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair book cover


  1. Ask pupils to think about people who have disabilities and whether this affects how they see them? Do they have different expectations of people with disabilities and what they can achieve? Cinderella dances in this book. Watch a clip from the invictus games – what can they learn? Are we that different? What surprised them the most? (CC: PSHE) 
  2. The fairy godmother in training changed Cinderella’s Wheelchair using magic so that it could fly to the ball! Ask pupils to design a wheelchair to help people. What would it have? What does it look like? How will it help? (CC: Art, DT)
  3. The Prince finds Cinderella using a glove. Ask pupils to think about how reliable this method is. Can they design a better method of investigation to find Cinderella in the kingdom? What are the steps of their investigation? What equipment will they need? How will they know if it works? (CC: Science)
  4. Cinderella creates jewelry as a hobby in this book. Using materials such as thread, string, yarn or wool and maybe beads, can pupils make friendship bracelets? (videos on Youtube) (CC: Art)
  5. Wheelchairs can’t really fly like in the story, but they do have to be able to get in and out of buildings. Walk around school and ask pupils to think is it wheelchair friendly? What improvements could they suggest? How will these improvements help? Can they write a suggestion letter to the Headteacher with their suggested improvements? (CC: Science, English)

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