How Are Reading Hub’s digital library eBooks for schools Aligned with the National Curriculum?

Ever wondered how digital library eBooks for schools could align with the UK National Curriculum? Reading Hub’s vast selection of eBooks not only align with the curriculum but they also help our pupils appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage. In this blog, we’re unravelling the magic behind the scenes, where the curriculum meets the digital wonders of Reading Hub.

Rich and Varied Heritage

In the vast world of digital library eBooks for schools, Reading Hub doesn’t just aim to teach; it aims to foster a deep appreciation for our rich and varied literary heritage. Picture this: our pupils embarking on a literary quest, not as passive observers but as active participants in the unfolding narrative of literature.

Each eBook provided by Reading Hub is like a time machine, transporting our pupils to different eras, genres, and cultures. It’s not just about reading; it’s about immersing pupils in a range of human stories, connecting with the classics, and discovering the hidden gems that make up our literary heritage. So, when the UK National Curriculum talks about “appreciating our rich and varied literary heritage,” Reading Hub doesn’t just check a box; it opens a portal to a world of literary exploration.

Reading as a Lifelong Companion

Now, let’s talk about developing the habit of reading widely and often, as the curriculum suggests. Reading Hub understands that creating lifelong readers is about more than just meeting a curriculum requirement; it’s about nurturing a habit that lasts a lifetime.

Digital library eBooks act as excellent facilitators for this as they encourage our pupils to explore a diverse range of genres, from gripping fiction to informative non-fiction. Reading Hub doesn’t just want our pupils to read; they want them to read widely – to delve into the realms of fantasy, history, science, and more. It’s about instilling the joy of reading for both pleasure and information.

Reading Hub offers a treasure trove of digital library eBooks for schools which has been carefully selected by teachers to ensure all pupils develop pleasure in reading, motivation to read, vocabulary and understanding.

This diversity isn’t just about meeting curriculum; it’s about pupils developing a genuine pleasure for reading. Whether our young readers are drawn to thrilling adventures, historical tales, or scientific discoveries, Reading Hub has them covered.

Motivation to Read

Reading Hub understands that a fun reading experience goes hand in hand with accessibility. The user-friendly interface, inclusive design, and varied reading levels empower pupils of all abilities. This inclusivity isn’t just about meeting standards; it’s about igniting motivation to read. When pupils find texts that relate to their interests and are within their reach, the motivation to explore, discover, and savour stories becomes natural.

The diverse texts provided by Reading Hub are more than just stories on digital pages; they are gateways to expanding vocabulary and deepening understanding. The carefully chosen eBooks contribute to building a wide vocabulary, which will lead to effective communication and comprehension. Reading Hub doesn’t just stop at providing stories; it allows pupils to not only enjoy reading but also develop language skills and widen their understanding of the world.

Word Reading and Comprehension

Word reading and comprehension are two key components in the national curriculum and the digital library eBooks for schools that are available in Reading Hub don’t shy away from this. 

Whether it’s understanding the difficulties of language or delving deep into the layers of comprehension, Reading Hub ensures that each eBook can help with these vital skills. Pupils are able to record their understanding of texts with the digital reading log and also change the text interface to suit their learning style to decode and read the words.

A Curriculum-Fueled Adventure

So, as our pupils explore the digital world of Reading Hub, they’re not just ticking off educational milestones; they’re exploring, appreciating, and developing a lifelong habit of reading. It’s a journey where the curriculum comes to life, and pupils gain control over their own learning. Digital library eBooks for schools from Reading Hub have been chosen with passion, purpose, and a commitment to the wide range of knowledge to be explored.

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