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Reading Hub is a combined eBook library and dynamic reading solution used by UK Primary School leaders, teachers, parents and learners.

Create a culture of reading – in school and at home – to help all learners achieve their potential.


Reading is the gateway to learning. But a staggering 27% of children in the UK start secondary school not being able to read to the expected standard (DfE, 2021)

Reading Hub provides powerful insights on learners’ reading habits, challenges and progress to help you support individuals more effectively and efficiently.

Monitor reading age and progress of all students

Help all learners access engaging reading materials

Support parents on their child’s reading journey

Reduce admin time and improve learner experience

Thousands of inspiring eBooks

Level the playing field by giving all learners access to the most popular children’s books. Funny, fantastical or football-themed? There’s something to capture every imagination and Reading Hub recommends books from our vast eBook library to match individuals’ interests and reading age.

Connect reading in school and at home

Take reading from school to home – and back again. With our software for reading, learners experience a continuous reading journey. Families can be part of it too. Reading Hub provides an easy way for parents and teachers to share feedback and track their learners’ progress together.

Insights to support individuals’ development

Every reading journey is unique. Learners need different support along the way, but it can be hard to know how best to help everyone. Reading Hub provides actionable insights on individuals’ abilities, habits and challenges, so you can support the whole class more effectively.

Built by teachers to break down barriers to reading

Reading Hub is already supporting hundreds of primary schools. And we’re on a mission to make sure no child misses out on the opportunities provided by reading.


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