Miss. Johnson

Miss. Johnson

Once upon a time in a Year 5 classroom, there was a teacher named Miss. Johnson who had a special gift for noticing the different interests of her students.

Some loved science, while others were fascinated by history, and a few had a taste for mysteries. She knew that every child was unique, and their reading materials should be too.


So, she introduced her class to the enchanting world of Reading Hub, a digital library filled with books of all kinds.


Eva, who was passionate about science, found a book about space exploration that made her eyes sparkle with wonder. Meanwhile, Oscar, who loved history, embarked on an adventure in ancient Egypt through a novel.


With the help of the Reading Hub, Miss. Johnson’s students were able to explore and discover the joy of reading. Each day, the classroom buzzed with excitement, and the students couldn’t wait to see what new adventures awaited them next.


Reading Hub had turned reading time into a grand adventure, and the children learned that the world of books was full of surprises and wonders.