Dennis Lee - Garbage Delight

Peppered with cheeky rhymes and wicked fun, Dennis Lee’s superbly crafted poems offer a feast of silly, sassy, and soothing verses.

Turn trash into treasure with an exciting journey perfect for young minds in EYFS, where creativity and imagination bloom on every page.

Genre:  funny, rhymes, food

Themes: rhyming, poems, food, silly, fun

Age: 5+ years old

Dennis Lee Garbage Delight​ book cover


  • Discussion.  Discuss what students already know or wonder about litter. Discuss where litter comes from. What is litter? Why is there litter? Where might you find litter? What are your thoughts and feelings about litter? 
  • Word maps. Working in pairs or small groups, create a word map of litter.
  • Safety & environment. In groups, give students 5 minutes to find human created litter or interesting natural litter from plants or animals, ie, feathers, leaves, bark beetle patterns on old bark or branches, discarded acorns etc. on their schoolyard and bring it back to the classroom. Review with students safety procedures regarding picking up litter. Provide salad tongs, gloves, rakes and garbage containers. (CC: Science)
  • Description. Add descriptive words from the found litter to their word maps including actual words found on the litter. Invite them to share their word maps with the class. 
  • Poetry. Create acrostic poems about litter and their playground. Have each group choose only one word from their litter findings or the word “litter” itself as the backbone of their poem. Encourage students to refer to their word web for inspiration.

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