Kite Spirit by Sita Brahmachari

During the summer of her GCSEs Kite’s world falls apart. Her best friend, Dawn, takes her life after a long struggle with feeling under pressure to achieve. Kite’s dad takes her to the Lake District, to give her time and space to grieve. It’s not until she meets local boy, Garth, that Kite begins to open up – talking to a stranger is easier somehow. Kite deeply misses her friend and would do anything to speak to Dawn just once more, to understand why . . . Otherwise how can she ever say goodbye?

Genre: grief, life, emotions

Themes: friendship, identity, imagination, creativity, loss, connection

Age: 13+ years old

Kite Spirit by Sita Brahmachari​ book cover


  • Character maps: Have students design a character map that shows the relationships between Kite, Garth, and any other characters in the book. Identify the qualities that make their friendships strong, and analyse how they help each other during difficult times.
  • Write it: Ask students to write a short story or poem that imagines what might have happened to Kite and Garth after the events of the book. They will need to use their creativity to explore what the characters’ future might look like.
  • Tell a friend: Ask students to write a letter to a friend describing what friendship means to them. Use examples from the book to support your thoughts and ideas.
  • Art: In the novel, Kite is very creative. Have students create a collage that represents the themes of the book, including friendship, grief, and imagination. Use images, quotes, and other materials to create a visual representation of the book’s themes.
  • Theme Analysis: Identify and analyse the main themes of “Kite Spirit” by creating a mind map or chart. Divide a large piece of paper into four sections, and label them “Grief,” “Friendship,” “Culture,” and “Imagination.” Have students write down quotes or events from the book that relate to each theme, and analyse how they contribute to the overall story.

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