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    Why is reading so important?

    A staggering 27% of children in the UK start secondary school not being able to read to the expected standard (DfE, 2021).

    Moreover, 1 in 17 (or 413,068) children and young people in the UK said they don’t even have a book of their own (NLT, 2021).

    Reading is the gateway to learning and Reading Hub provides equal opportunities in reading to give all learners the best chance in life.

    How can Reading Hub help your Primary School?

    Provide unlimited opportunities to read and level the playing field by giving all learners access to the most popular children’s books in our digital library.

    Funny, fantastical or football-themed? There’s something to capture every imagination and Reading Hub recommends books to match individuals’ interests and reading age.

    Reading Hub not only provides reading materials, but helps to develop a culture of reading too!

    Take reading from school to home – and back again. With our app, learners experience a continuous reading journey. Families can be part of it too.

    Reading Hub provides an easy way for parents and teachers to share feedback and track their learners’ progress together.