UK Faces Growing Literacy Crisis

By James Rix

The UK is facing a growing literacy crisis as 1 in 4 children start secondary school not being able to read properly.


A Troubling Start

Imagine a scenario where one in every five children in the UK grows up without a single book. This is not just a concerning image but a present-day reality. This lack of access to books reflects a significant problem in our educational landscape.


The Ripple Effect

This absence of books in early childhood has startling consequences later down the line. By the time children transition to secondary education, more than one in four learners don’t meet the expected standard in reading. This difficulty transcends beyond just reading; it’s about comprehending lessons, participating in discussions, and laying a solid foundation for future learning.


Falling Behind

The repercussions are far-reaching. Children who start off at a disadvantage are likely to end up over 10 years behind their peers by the time they sit their GCSEs. This gap is not just limited to academic performance but extends to their self-esteem, social interactions, and future prospects.


The Economic Impact

This literacy issue extends beyond the school gates; it’s an economic burden too. The UK government incurs an astonishing annual cost of £81 billion due to illiteracy. This expense stems from not addressing the underlying causes of literacy challenges.

The UK Faces Growing Literacy Crisis - Main Image

Reading Hub: Tackling the Literacy Crisis Early


Reading Hub is helping to directly address the UK’s literacy crisis.

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Understanding the pivotal role of educators in this crisis, Reading Hub is committed to equipping teachers with the tools they need.

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This initiative not only provides essential resources but also aims to inspire a lifelong love of reading, paving the way for a brighter educational future for all.