Our pricing, a promise

Hi my name is James Rix and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Reading Mate, creators of Reading Hub and Little Reads.

If you were to buy 3000 books, how much would you expect to spend?

£5 per book? That would equate to £15,000 in total!

But hold on, what if 2 children want to read the same book?

You are going to have to disappoint one of them.

Hold on again, what if Yasmin’s dog chews a book to death?

You are either going to have to replace the book or go without.

We proudly present our base pricing package of £499 per year for 3000 of the best children’s eBooks, reading analytics, and digital reading record.

  1. That’s a lot better value than £15,000
  2. All of your pupils can read the same book if they want
  3. No extra costs or hard decisions to replace or upkeep of books

I grew up surrounded by books. My parents used to find me sneaking an assortment of fiction and non-fiction, along with a torch, to bed with me at night. I used to be so scared of getting caught by my parents, but they definitely knew and probably thanked their lucky stars that reading was my vice of choice!

Looking back, I can’t believe how lucky I was. Reading is the gateway to learning, and with 1 in 3 kids in the UK not having a book of their own, my upbringing was a privilege rather than the norm.

But it shouldn’t be this way.

Books and reading shouldn’t be for the privileged few. Books, and the magic within them, should be available to every school, teacher, parent and child in the country, and excused me the hyperbole, but also around the world.

That is why Reading Mate and more specifically Reading Hub exists. Technology, when used for good, has a magical way of making what was once scarce, abundant. It is time to use technology to drive a radical increase in access to books for all children.

My promise to you as that we will always price Reading Hub so it is affordable to all UK Primary Schools – keeping our base package affordable means more pupils can fall in love with reading just like all of us here did when we were children.

I want all school leaders in the UK to choose Reading Hub because of the quality product we provide. But I also want teachers and school leaders to join our mission, to promote and improve the future prospects of children and that starts by making books accessible to all.

All the best,


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