Jenny Offill - While You Were Napping

In this hilarious read-aloud featuring robots, fire trucks, and pirates, meet an older sister who’s more than happy to fill her little brother in on all he missed while he was napping.

Discover this delightful addition to your EYFS books collection, where imagination takes flight while dreams unfold.

Genre: family, funny, adventure

Themes: picture book, adventure, funny, imagination, fantasy, bedtime

Age: 3-5 years old

While You Were Napping by Jenny Offill book cover


  1. As a class can pupils recall the story after reading and remember what happened when the little brother was sleeping. Can pupils change some of the events to things that they hope would happen if it was them and their siblings instead?
  2. Can pupils draw a picture to illustrate an event that happened in the story? If activity 1 is complete, can they draw a picture to show something that happened in the class version of the story?
  3. Lots of things that happen in the story can be dangerous, fireworks, fire, boats, diggers, throwing and more. Pupils can make a list of the potentially dangerous events in the book and decide in groups or a class how they would stay safe in each of the situations? Would they need more equipment? What could happen if they don’t follow these safety rules?
  4. Sleep and napping is important for everyone. Discuss why sleep is important, and ask pupils to create the perfect bedtime routine. What should be done before they go to bed? What do they need at bedtime? Is there anything that helps them sleep and why?
  5. Create a gingerbread character for one of the characters. On the inside describe their feelings, thoughts and emotions and on the outside describe their actions, behaviours and what they say. (CC links: English, PSHE) (Use ‘Gingerbread character’ resource)

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