Dennis Lee (Poems) - Alligator Pie

Alligator Pie, which remains the classic Canadian bedtime book, is written as if Mother Goose had the Latin name Branta canadensis, from William Lyon Mackenzie King, who “loved his mother like anything,” to Trois-Rivières, which, of course, rhymes with “eat you hair.”

Delight young readers with the whimsical rhymes to add to your collection of EYFS books, where imagination and silliness collide in a deliciously fun adventure.

Genre: poetry, funny, rhymes

Themes: rhyming, poems, animals, silly, fun

Age: 3-5 years old

Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee book cover


  1. In the poem can pupils highlight the rhyming pairs of words? Can pupils play a rhyming game with other words given to them? Can pupils think of 5 words on their own, and think of a matching rhyming word? In a circle pass a bean bag from pupil to pupil and create a ‘Rhyme chain’, how many words can they link together that rhyme?
  2. Having read Alligator pie, write a poem (individual or class) by switching out the type of foods the Alligator is cooked into. Can they still make it rhyme? Can they think of different food for each part of the poem?
  3. As an art activity, pupils design what their alligator pie would look like. This can be drawn, painted or put together using a collage of images. What colours will they use? What is their pie made of? What shape will their pie be? If activity 2 is completed –  they could design their new alligator food they have chosen. 
  4. Using Alligator pie or another poem, can pupils act out the story with puppets or draw out the story in a storyboard?
  5. Create mini alligator pies or their ‘new’ alligator pie. Using suitable ingredients or pre-made pies and icing/decoration, can pupils decorate their very own alligator pie?

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