Warriors – A Light in the Mist

Driven out of Bramblestar’s body, the impostor responsible for tearing the Clans apart has retreated to the Dark Forest??but he is not alone. After cutting off StarClan’s connection to the living Clans, he now controls the spirits of the dead, and he will not rest until his captive army rains vengeance down upon all warriors??dead or alive.

The first warrior to pay the price might be the young tom who tried to warn them all. Rootspring risked everything when he exposed the impostor for what he was, and now Bristlefrost and Shadowsight must do the same to save him.

But within the twisted paths of the Dark Forest, time is running out. As the young warriors desperately gather allies living and dead, all five Clans must ready themselves for a final battle??one that will decide the future of the living Clans and of every warrior who has ever lived.

Content Age : 10

Reading Age : 11.06


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