The Wondercurrent Front Cover

The Wondercurrent

If the PEN is MIGHTIER than the SWORD, how DEEP must the INK run to defeat its FOE?
In a distant but recognizable future, where interdimensional travel and dream travel intersect, a young girl from Earth One, Rella Deveraux-Pensword, is called upon to protect and defend Hleo: a very special, enchanted refuge for children who need protection and healing. In order to help defend Hleo, Rella must stop Archimago (the shape-shifting story thief) and his menacing miscreations, The Shadowsplitters, from destroying The Wondercurrent: the source of life and hope for all who remain under Hleo’s protection.

When Rella’s own parents (who are part of a secret alliance of Storykeepers) go missing, she is forced to flee her home. As she flees, she is mysteriously transported to Hleo, where she finds a magic scroll and a secret message with a mission specifically meant for her. To fulfill her mission, Rella teams up with a fellowship of four other children (Eurie, Quinn, Scarlett and Sebastian) and an assortment of wild and whimsical animals, including Thalas (a giant, strong-willed hawk with metallic feathers), Alister (a sleepy, sleepy bear who resides halfway in and out of trees), and Menagerie (a chameleon-tiger with a sacred family lineage).

Content Age : 8

Reading Age : 10.06


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