The Wizard In My Shed Front Cover

The Wizard In My Shed

Back in the Dark Ages, Merdyn the Wild has been a badly behaved warlock sentenced to spend seven years in the Rivers of Purgatory. Unfortunately for him, the wizard tasked with sending him there turns to the wrong page in his spell book and Merdyn ends up in the middle of a busy 21st century shopping centre.

Rose is an ordinary girl whose best friend, Bubbles, is a guinea pig. On her way to the chip shop she bumps into Merdyn and, although he is probably the smelliest person she’s ever met, agrees to help him get back to his own time in exchange for a spell that she hopes will change her life.

Once Merdyn has proved his magical credentials by giving Bubbles the gift of speech, all Rose has to do is persuade her Mum to let a weird, stinky man live in their shed for a while.

Content Age : 8

Reading Age : 8.06


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