The Unfinished City Front Cover

The Unfinished City

Rella PenSword is back on Earth One. Nothing looks or feels like it did before her journey through the dreamworld. She misses her new friends, Eurie and Quinn, but she needs to know what happened to her parents. Before she unpacks a single box, Rella ventures out into an extraordinary and futuristic city filled with inter-dimensional portals, secret technology, and luminous plants. She quickly discovers that the S.N.O.B.S., a swarm of tuxedo-wearing humanoid robots, are invading the city. The SNOBS have been programmed to steal every last one of the sacred Red Notebooks. With the help of her ingenious friend Q and a mysterious new neighbor, this approximately 9 year old girl (in Earth One years) embarks on a quest that will require more courage and creativity than ever before.

Content Age : 8

Reading Age : 10.06


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