The Last Wild Boy Front Cover

The Last Wild Boy

This is a new young adult novel by Prince Edward Island’s Poet Laureate. It is a dystopian story about Nora, who lives in the walled city of Aahimsa, an idyllic community of girls and women working together to make a peaceful life free of the brutality of the outsiders. As the companion of the mayor of Aahimsa’s daughter, Alice, Nora enjoys privileges that other women from the working class can only dream of.

But when she and Alice find an outsider’s baby abandoned within the city walls, Nora starts to question whether the outsiders pose as much of a threat to her civilization as she’s been taught. With the baby’s life in danger, Nora must decide whether she’s willing to give up everything she has to save him and whom she can trust to help her.

Content Age : 9

Reading Age : 9.06


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