The Glass Witch Front Cover

The Glass Witch

12-year-old Adelaide Goode has never been good enough.

Ever the disappointment, she’s the weakest witch born in three centuries and has absolutely zero chance-as the town’s fat girl-of winning the Cranberry Hollow Halloween pageant. But winning brings glory, and glory means proving herself worthy of the Goode name, which is all Addie’s ever wanted.

What she most certainly does not want, however, is to enact a curse, waking a 300-year-old witch hunter from the grave. Not to mention the curse has turned Addie’s bones into glass, sprouting more and more cracks as midnight approaches-which makes it terribly hard to run in heels.

With the aid of an ancient spellbook, a monster-obsessed neighbor, and a twitchy-nosed, furry friend, Addie must hunt down three ingredients to break the curse before the hunter not only ruins the pageant, but erases magic-and her-from the town.

Content Age : 8

Reading Age : 10.06


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