“My dad is a physicist, but my mom was a witch. That’s what Dad always said, but I never thought much about it until the night I met Starfall.
She’s a Star Wolf, and she is definitely not from around here. She eats meteors for their magic, communicates telepathically, and – best part – can fly.
When she wants to, anyway.
Eighth grade was starting off pretty well having Starfall for a best friend. Then an old enemy of my parents showed up: the man responsible for my mom’s disappearance when I was just a baby. He wants to use Starfall’s magic for himself, and will stop at nothing to get his hands on her.
My name is Samantha Reardon Greaves, and no one is going to take my best friend from me.
Not in this world, or the next.”

Content Age : 11

Reading Age : 12.06


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