Sam the Man & the Secret Detective Club Plan

Sam Graham loves solving mysteries. After successfully solving the mystery of Annabelle??s lost sock, Sam decides to make mystery-solving his main hobby (after tending the chickens, of course. He recruits his best friend Gavin and a couple of their classmates for a detective club, and together they??re ready for any mystery that comes their way. There??s a problem though?ñthere are no cases to solve!

So, Sam comes up with a plan: They??ll take the most interesting things in the lost and found and try to find out who lost what. But who could a locked box, a very long stuffed snake, and a red jacket belong to? And how will Sam and his friends find them? And?ñwhy does that jacket smell so bad?!?

Content Age : 6

Reading Age : 7.06

funny   mystery   school


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