Rotten School 02 - The Great Smelling Bee Front Cover

Rotten School 02 – The Great Smelling Bee

Welcome to Rotten School, founded 100 years ago by I. B. Rotten as a boarding school where students would grow and succeed intellectually, morally and physically as they prepared for a productive and happy future. However, today our standards are a little less rigorous – we are simply happy if the students and faculty are still alive at the end of each day!We think rivalry is healthy for our students, thus, Rotten School is divided into two warring groups: Bernie Bridges and his friends in Rotten House vs. Sherman Oaks and his friends in Nyce House.In the second story in the series, Bernie’s parents go away indefinitely, so they send his pets, Lippy the parrot and Gassy the dog, to Bernie at school. But under no circumstances are pets allowed at Rotten School. Can Bernie find a way to hide Lippy’s squawking and Gassy’s horrible stench in order to stop them from being sent away for ever?

Content Age : 7

Reading Age : 8.06


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