Lost Diaries - The Lost Diary of Tutankhamun's Mummy Front Cover

Lost Diaries – The Lost Diary of Tutankhamun’s Mummy

Ancient Egyptian Scandal Nefertidy tells all Newly discovered diaries and postcards from Ancient Egypt reveal that King Tutankhamun was a bit of a “mummy’s” boy-but what can you expect from a nine-year-old ruler with a mother like Nefertidy! Astonishing details of life in Ancient Egypt are revealed from a completely different perspective. Pharohs and pyramids Hieroglyphics and hairstyles Scribes and slaves Flooding and feasts Isis, Osiris and all those gods Medicine and mummies Treasures and trophies And much much more! You’ve never read anything like this before!

Content Age : 8

Reading Age : 10.06


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