Lapin Plays Possum Front Cover

Lapin Plays Possum

Nobody is as good at being bad as Lapin!

As long as there are fools to be fooled, Lapin figures he might as well do the fooling. He can’t resist playing tricks on Bouki any more than he can turn down King Cake at Mardi Gras. As for Bouki, he is so tired of being hoodwinked by this do-nothing rascal of a rabbit that he is determined to get the best of the puny trickster once and for all (and maybe even get a little rabbit cooked in sauce piquante on the side). As always, however, little triumphs over big and brains bewilder brawn in three new larger-than-life Lapin tales full of sly wit and Cajun spice – perfectly captured in Scott Cook’s impish, irreverent pictures.

Lapin may be small, but when the smarts were handed out, he got himself an extra helping. As fans of this picayune prankster know, “Size ain’t everything in this world. It’s what you do with what you got that matters!”

Content Age : 6

Reading Age : 8.06


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