Gnomes, and Halflings, and Assassins! Oh My!

Aution is in ruins. Charred, smoldering ruins. The Gnomes, Rat, and Nulu make their way out to Big Julie’s School of Magic. They’re looking for a place to hide out until things cool down. News hasn’t spread about Grimbledung being responsible for the town-wide fire and the Gnomes want to keep it that way!

The gang decides that a new town is in order, and Julesville is founded.

Everything seems to be moving along nicely. Until a certain recently-unemployed werewolf constable, and a newly-put-out-of-business Haberdashery owner show up. With Akita and Pozzuoli in town, things aren’t looking good for Grimbledung. Fortunately for him, the impending Halfling invasion gets everyone’s attention.


Bent on revenge against Grimbledung for cheating them out of razing Aution, a group of Halflings arrives in Julesville and declares Martial Law. Meanwhile, the Army of the Lord High Priest of Halflings masses on the other side of the Anti-Ogre Wall. Prost Garrison and Frank’s Keep prepare for the inevitable attack that they fully expect will wipe them out.

Thanks mainly to Grimbledung, the gang tricks the Halflings into leaving Julesville (intact even), repels the Halfling invasion, and restores peace to the lands. Well, not really those last two… Even Grimbledung’s antics have their limits!

Because of a complete misunderstanding, Grimbledung (unknowingly) and Drimblerod (begrudgingly) end up at the front lines of the attack as the Halflings start their invasion. As usual, Grimbledung makes up a plan on the fly that might actually thwart the Halfling’s plans!

Of course, also as usual, things don’t work out as one would expect.

Content Age : 12

Reading Age : 12


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