Fire Below the Ice Front Cover

Fire Below the Ice

Peter and Millie are back and better than ever! It’s a snowy December in England and Peter is having trouble fitting in at his new school. The thought of an uneventful Christmas at home playing board games with his family isn’t exactly an inspiring thought either. Luckily his parents have other plans – a surprise trip to Iceland with his best friend Millie! Their travels take them to a small coastal town where they stay with their friendly host Árni, who shows the group the sights and sounds of his beautiful country and picture-perfect home town. All is set for a perfect holiday. However, a shocking event brings to light a dark mystery that has loomed over the town for thirty years. Have Peter and Millie bitten off more than they can chew this time, or will they be the ones to break the curse?

Content Age : 12

Reading Age : 12


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