Finny's Star Front Cover

Finny’s Star

A Peter and Millie AdventureFinny’s Star, the debut novel from Sam Bartram, is a heart-warming tale of mystery, adventure, espionage, danger, friendship, loss and new beginnings that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Peter considered himself to be a normal thirteen-year-old boy. At least he did, until the unexpected loss of his best friend Finny turns his life upside down. Concerned about their son’s struggle to cope with this shocking turn of events, Peter’s parents decide to take him away on holiday to a remote Scottish island, hoping that a change of scenery might help. Despite his initial reluctance, Peter is surprised when he starts to enjoy the holiday, helped in no small part by making a new friend who is intent on showing him the beauty of her island. However, it starts to become clear that not all is as it seems on the island. Mysterious events and chance meetings with a host of unusual characters lead Peter to inadvertently become embroiled in the adventure of a lifetime.

Content Age : 12

Reading Age : 12


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