Dog Diaries 06 - Dinosaur Disaster Front Cover

Dog Diaries 06 – Dinosaur Disaster

I have something very IM-PAW-TANT to tell you…

I was with my mutt mates in the dog park when we saw something MONSTROUS through the trees…I recognized it straight away. It was a huge DINO-ROAR !

Now, I know what you’re thinking – dino-roars don’t exist anymore, right? WRONG . I spotted one in the flesh, well in the bone …And it smelt tail-waggingly tasty!

I followed its sniff-a-licious scent to the BIGGEST building I’ve ever seen, and the smells coming from inside were the most dusty, moldy, oldy, dirt-lectable whiffs I’ve ever wrapped my snout around.

I don’t know what the humongous building is, but what I do know is that I just HAVE to get inside. It will be the greatest challenge my pooch pack have ever faced!

Content Age : 6

Reading Age : 7.06


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