Deepwater Black

Suddenly, Robbie Mikkelson has a problem.

A dream-state called prexing is zapping him across time and space. Is he a school kid on Earth? Or is he thousands of years in the future, on a giant spaceship called Deepwater?

Deepwater is on a course to nowhere. Robbie must look for answers on Earth to the mystery of the spaceship and win his place in a crew of strangely-coloured teenagers, fighting for their lives against terrifying alien creatures in the unknown galactic jungle of Colour-space.

Does he belong on Earth or in the spaceship? Is prexing just a fantastic dream? If not, then Robbie must solve the riddle of Deepwater, or he and his crewmates will be lost forever in the black depths of the universe…

Content Age : 12

Reading Age : 13.06


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