Conspiracy 365 - August Front Cover

Conspiracy 365 – August

Now I was completely alone. There was nothing but silence and the ghosts of the dead. Cal Ormond has escaped death several times and deceived enemies in the most unlikely situations. All this to discover what the Ormond Singularity is, a secret that transformed the young man’s routine and that can change history as we know it.

However, an unexpected event ended Cal’s search and he ended up in the hands of the police. Now he risks spending the rest of his life in prison. But something gave him a good reason not to give up on his plans and prove he was not a criminal: the kidnapping of one of his family members.

Cal needed to return to the streets to propose a rescue: to exchange everything he had gathered about the riddle for that person’s life – and even offer himself, if necessary.

Content Age : 11

Reading Age : 11.06


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