Confessions of a Candy Snatcher Front Cover

Confessions of a Candy Snatcher

It’s Halloween: Candy-snatching time.

For the past few years, twelve-year-old Jonas and his friends have competed to see how much candy they can snatch from unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. No one’s supposed to get hurt. So Jonas is taken by surprise when one of his smaller targets fights back against his candy-snatching attempt.

He’s even more surprised when he starts to receive anonymous notes from someone who seems to know what happened that night. Jonas already has enough on his plate, between evolving friendships and his own guilt—guilt his friend Concepción challenges him to confront in a zine she’s creating around the prompt “What’s the worst thing you ever did?” It’s a complicated question, one that touches on issues of identity, maturity, and physical boundaries. Phoebe Sinclair’s debut novel relates an emotive, reflective story about the wonder—and mess—of growing up.

Content Age : 12

Reading Age : 12


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