Calista Chase Time Sleuth: Blackbeard's treasure Front Cover

Calista Chase Time Sleuth: Blackbeard’s treasure

Calista Chase knows that time can change a lot of things. For one, Calista’s grandmother Martha is a great archaeologist with a big reputation—but all that changes quickly when the entire town of Beaufort turns on her and calls her a thief. What Calista doesn’t know, however, is that time can save Grandma, too, all she needs is enough of it….

For there is treasure to be found, and no time to lose! The legend of Blackbeard is alive once more in the ports and seas of a time lost long ago. What secrets belong to the Queen Anne’s Revenge and the great lost treasure said to be aboard her? What awaits Calista in a time not so far away?

Content Age : 9

Reading Age : 10.06


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