Breakfast Doodles Front Cover

Breakfast Doodles

If you like a fix of comic strip monsters, weird creatures, and cats with more depression than their nine lives can handle, then Breakfast Doodles are a great way to start your day, finish it off completely, or just take a break from the monotony of everyday life.

Donovan Scherer brings his own unique version of wit and classic cartoon strip sketches to a breakfast table near you, to get you started on your day and make you realize that there’s nothing that scary about the undead or monsters.

Each day brings something new as reality and fantasy collide, and then spin out of control in this impressive first collection, which comprises of graphic novel-style artwork and tall tales which can at times be as thought-provoking as they are freakish and outlandish.

What better way is there to take time out, enjoy something different and free your mind of rational thoughts? Get yourself a copy of Breakfast Doodles now.

Content Age : 9

Reading Age : 10.06


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