A New Hope Front Cover

A New Hope

A New Hope? Well, not really.

Although things are going well for the gang now that the Halfling invasion has been repelled. Thanks to the now (probably) reformed Halfling Colossus being reunited with his long lost love, the Gnomess Cheri, Grimbledung’s very extended, very diverse family seems to be settling down for some much-needed rest. And, thanks to Grimbledung’s suggestion, Colossus is even working as a deputy for Constable Akita! To add to the mix, the wayward Magician’s Guild Enforcers have made amends and are now living peacefully in town as well.

Everything is nice and peaceful.

To celebrate,the citizens of Julesville decide to hold a Victory over Halflings celebration. Hoping to avert an Aution-eque disaster, Grimbledung is ordered NOT to have any part in the planning or execution of H-V Day.

Content Age : 13

Reading Age : 13


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