Bill Martin Jr. - Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

A big happy frog, a plump purple cat, a handsome blue horse, and a soft yellow duck–all parade across the pages of this delightful book.

Embark on this timeless classic that sparks curiosity and joy in the hearts of young readers exploring EYFS books.

Genre: animals, colours, education

Themes: picture book, nature, rhyming

Age: 3-5 years old

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? By Bill Martin Jr book cover


  1. Following on from the story, can pupils think of at least five more animals and colours that could be added to the story. Which animals did they choose and why? Did they use the colour the animal really is or use their imagination?
  2. Can pupils repeat the story with a group other than animals? For example vehicles, toys or plants?
  3. Pupils choose one of the animals in the book to research. What does the animal look like? What type of habitat does the animal live in? What does the animal eat? Does it live with any other animals? Where in the world can we find it? Any other fun facts! (CC: Geography, Science)
  4. Paint a brown bear (or another animal) using materials other than paint brushes such as forks, cotton balls or sticks? Instead of another painting utensil, use another painting medium such as tea bags?
  5. Make animal masks or ears for an animal from the book to wear whilst reading the book during story time. Pupils with the chosen animal could read out loud if they are comfortable with this.

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