Adam Blade - Ferno, The Fire Dragon

Strange things are happening in Tom’s village. First the horses were attacked and then the river dried up. Everyone is terrified, except Tom. He’s always dreamed of a real-life quest and he’s vowed to go to the king and bring help for them all!

Genre: fantasy, scifi, action 

Themes: loss, friendships, science, good vs evil

Age: 7-8 years old

Ferno: The Fire Dragon Book by Adam Blade book cover


  • Write an advert. Tom becomes the hero in this series after his village is under threat. Get your learners to write an advert for a hero. What qualities would the king want in their chosen hero to defeat the beasts? What threat is the village currently under? What reward will you offer your hero? (CC links: media, english)
  • Beast profile. Tom encounters Ferno, The Fire Dragon. Get your learners to create a profile that depicts what he looks like and how he behaves. Use the book to build a picture of his head, his scales, his body, his eyes and what he does. (CC links: english, ICT)
  • Model making. Create a moving beast complete with glowing bulb eyes or moving parts with links and levers. (CC links: science, design and technology)
  • Research. Ferno the Fire Dragon is infamous. Ask your learners to research the myth of dragons. When did they start appearing in literature? What country did they originate from? Where have they appeared across literature and films? How has the depiction of them changed over time? (CC links: history, ICT)
  • Description. Across the series, Tom meets many ‘beasts’. Get your learners to describe their own ‘beast’ for Tom to defeat in his quest. Include: what features do they have? What threat do they pose? Where do they live? (CC links: english)

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